Supplier fore pulp & paper industry since 1947


Short about NEF and UMV

We manufacture, install and sell showerpipes, oscillators and many more products to pulp and paper machine rebuilds and compounds.
We also sell spare parts to everything manufactured by Nordiska Egoutteur Fabriken, NEF.
We also sell spare parts to installations made by UMV Machinery and Uddevalla Mekaniska Verkstad.
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1995 and 2012

1995 was NEF bought by UMV. 01-01-2012 was the company again separated.

The customer’s obvius partner

NEF’s an independent supplier, who can provide unique solutions regarding pulp and paper machine rebuilds wich best suit our customers’ reqirements and demands.
Our ability to produce valueadded products and services has been developed through longstanding cooperation with the most demaning
customers on the market. Custom made, unique solutions are our guide as well as cost saving through the best possible reuse of equipment based on condition and capacity.
Our expertise also include rebuilding of machine equipment from other suppliers.
Our staff always has our client’s specific prerequisites in focus as well as a strong quality and environmental commitment.